Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 30 – “Asparagus Island”

This week’s episode has the boys sitting down to read through Chapter 828 and their thoughts on it. They then discuss their Top 5 Crews, along with some Anime-related news. It’s Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 30!


00:15 – Opening

01:06 – Chapter Discussion

21:46 – Thoughts and Predictions

30:27 – Reddit Thread of the Week

37:15 – News

44:33 – Closing

Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 29 – Blood-berry Jam

Welcome to the Gomu Gomu no Podcast! This episode the guys dive into chapter 827 and discuss the surprise arrival of an upcoming Whole Cake Island sharkter. They also dive into some Reddit threads discussing possible inspirations and parallels that will be seen during that upcoming arc. It’s Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 29!


00:14 – Opening

01:25 – 827 Discussion

27:13 – Thoughts and Predictions

37:47 – Reddit Threads of the Week

54:42 – Closing

Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 28 – “Vinsmoke Vegapunk?!”

The guys sit down for a short podcast, where they discuss the latest chapter and their thoughts on the return of THAT Fishman. They finish the podcast by discussing some rather rad One Piece news. It’s Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 28!


00:15 – Opening

01:06 – 826 Discussion

21:52 – Thoughts and Predictions

33:07 – News

42:00 – Closing

Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 27 – The Sabo Syndrome

After a break last week, the guys return strong to discuss Chapter 825 and the big, big moments it has to offer up, and they discuss those moments in their thoughts and predictions. They also talk about Burning Blood now that it has come out in Japan, along with the Reddit Threads of the Week. Lastly, they talk about some One Piece news. It’s the Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 27!


00:00:15 – Opening

00:02:16 – Chapter 825

00:21:12 – Thoughts and Predictions

00:37:16 – Topic

  • Burning Blood

00:47:56 – Reddit Threads of the Week

01:16:30 – News

  • Funko Pop toys finally out?
  • Film Gold hitting theaters in Germany, Austria, Malaysia

01:17:46 – Closing

Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 26 – Proof of the Pudding

In this week’s episode, the guy’s discuss Chapter 824 and all the big, crazy moments and information it gave us. They also talk about what’s to come for the Wano Arc, and they look at what digital editions of the game will be available for One Piece: Burning Blood. It’s Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 26!


00:00:15 – Opening

00:01:28 – 824 Discussion

00:21:35 – Thoughts and Predictions

00:41:14 – News

00:46:06 –  Closing

Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 25 – Cheese Grater-kun

The guys show up to discuss Chapter 823, and their thoughts and predictions on it. They also look at a Final Island Theory, and they tackle another round of quicker questions. Lastly, they look at more Burning Blood gameplay footage, this time on Vita, and how amazing it’s looking. It’s Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 25!


00:00:14 – Opening

00:03:43 – Chapter 823 Discussion

00:29:50 – Thoughts and Predictions

00:41:30 – Theory

00:49:26 – Quickfire

  • If you were in the One Piece universe who’s crew would you join and why?
  • What is the saddest One Piece Moment?
  • What is the most shocking moment?

01:03:27 – News

01:11:57 – Closing

Gomu Gomu no Podcast: Episode 24 – Carrot-Nakama Theory Time

This week on the podcast, the guys close the book on the Zou arc, as they discuss Chapter 822. They also talk about the very popular Carrot-for-Nakama theory, and they also wonder what Vegapunk will do for Smoker when they finally meet, along with some speculation on what Vegapunk will provide to the overall theory. It’s Gomu Gomu Podcast: Episode 24!

00:00:15 – Opening

00:01:07 – Chapter Discussion

00:22:00 – Thoughts and Predictions

00:40:38 – Theory

01:01:58 – Reddit Threads of the Week

01:11:07 – Closing